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     Moles-Nevi and other birthmarks are benign pigmented spots or patches of skin that range in color from brown and black (moles) to red, pink or purple (Vascular birthmarks). Though most moles and birthmarks are benign, they may develop into cancer. Moles those exhibit any of the following warning signs should be examined by a skin expert immediately:


•    Irregular border.

•    Larger than six millimeters.

•    Irritation (itching) or bleeding

•    Rapid changes in color, size, or shape.

•    Multiple colors.

•    Asymmetrical appearance.


Therefore, atypical nevi and moles should be removed surgically. This is a minor outpatient procedure performed using local anesthetic. Our Vbeam® Perfecta PDL Laser and SmartXide DOT® CO2 Laser treatment can improved or erase a surgical scar.


Pigmented birthmarks: Becker's nevus, cafe au lait spots, moles, melanocytic nevus and Mongolian spots are the result of large concentrations of melanin in one spot, and are most often brown-dark in color.

Vascular birthmarks: facial spider veins, spider angioma (telangiectasia), cherry & cavernous angioma, strawberry hemangiomas or port wine stains are red or pink and are caused by enlarged blood vessels.


Birthmarks are not always present from birth; occasionally they will show up later in life. Some birthmarks will fade away on their own, while others linger into adulthood. Although some moles are considered trademarks of beauty or “beauty marks” in some actors and models, many people find their moles are unsightly and wish to have them removed for aesthetic reasons, even when signs of skin cancer are not present.


We provide the most advanced technology for birthmarks safely and effectively through a variety of treatment options: Vbeam® Perfecta PDL (pulse dye laser), Lumenis Universal IPL®, Quanta Q-Plus C ® and MedLite® Lasers, Electrocautery or surgical excision.


Would you like to learn more about Moles & birthmarks removal?  .

We encourage you to contact our moles and birthmarks expert at Stone Mountain Skin Health or Pelican Hill to schedule your initial consultation by calling (770) 680-5423 or

(770)- 508-8241 (Spanish).


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