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       Whether you are looking to restore a youthful appearance or simply plump up an area of your body that has lost volume, a fat transfer can deliver beautiful, brilliant and natural looking results.


   As a part of the aging process, it’s common to lose your body volume which includes skin collagen, muscle mass, bone structure and fat in several regions of your body such as the face, breasts or buttocks. Cosmetically, the loss of volume can leave you looking older than you feel.

Fortunately, Dr. Son Nguyen can perform a procedure called a fat transfer (also known as fat grafting) to restore lost volume and reverse the signs of aging as well as to create volume and curve for your body and the area you would like to improve by removing unwanted fat tissue from your abdomen or thighs with liposuction.


   Since your own natural fat cells are used, there is no concern about introducing a synthetic substance or an implant into the body. There is also no risk of an allergic reaction. Transferred fat cells are safe and are never rejected by the body and infection risks are very low.

   Injected fat can improve your acne scars and the dark circles under eyes.  The fat transfer is an effective way to add youthful volume to your face and hands. It is also very effective to improve the appearance of hollow cheeks, aging facial features, sunken temples, thin lips and facial contour irregularities.


   Fat augmented buttocks are soft and natural-looking and a fat transfer in a Brazilian Butt Lift provides a more sculpted, shapely contour that enhances the overall shape of the buttocks with natural curves for you if you are unhappy with the shape of your flabby or small butt.


   If you are interested in a fat transfer, we encourage you to contact Stone Mountain Skin Health Center or Pelican Hill to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Nguyen by calling (770) 680-5423 or (770)- 508-8241 (Espanol).


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