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     When a cosmetic surgeon pre-operatively prescribes hormone replacement therapy to patients, they heal faster and feel better post-operatively. If the patients continue the natural hormone supplement, they will begin to feel good with increased energy, libido, skin texture, muscle-to-fat distribution and improved mental clarity.

Dr. Neal Rouzier, a world-renowned  “Hormone Doc” wrote: “I personally have found longevity and preventive medicine to be a natural extension of cosmetic surgery. Patients find they can surgically reverse the effects of gravity and aging through face-lifts, eyelifts and liposuction. These procedures certainly make them look better, but cannot halt the internal process. ”

Current worldwide medical research has shown that bio identical hormone replacement slows both the deterioration and symptoms associated with aging, and enhances the immune system. This new field of medicine is becoming popular among physicians.

Would you like to learn more about how you can reach your body goal? 


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